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After three fun years at Anders Beckman School in Stockholm, I started working as an Art Director assistant at Carlsson & Broman on Blasieholms torg in Stockholm. Anders Olsson persuaded me to start as Art Director at his agency a few years later and I stayed there until 1995. Fantastic years there too and I loved everything about it. In 1995-1996 I was communications and interior design manager at the IKEA department store in Sundsvall. I lived in a log house in the forest and had lynx on the property. Back to Stockholm and Jack Wahl advertising agency, commuted to Malmö for three years and was Art Director at Arbmans in Malmö with my good friend Lars Bärg. Then it was Stockholm again and Arbmans-Haneby to start the advertising agency Great in Halmstad in 2009. I freelanced after that and wrote a few books. In 2018 I got a job as a communicator at Laholm municipality. (Their graphic profile was an assignment at Great.) I am still employed by Laholm municipality as a communicator.